No Experience Required.

That's right! We don't care what your experience is because no one will ever find your body out here... just kidding. But we do want first timers here because you will you never know how strong you are until being your strongest is required. 

You Ain't That Smart.

Honestly, lets face it. The fact that you are even reading this proves you don't make great decisions. So just give in to your dumb side and come suffer.

Because It's Here.

There is a 135 mile race across the heat and extremes of Death Valley. There is a 135 mile race in the freezing snow packed Minnesota back country, and there is even a 135 mile race in the humidity of Brazil. But this baby will give you high altitude, weather that will change on a dime and pure Colorado magic. 

"BAD" Intentions.

Come on, people. We know you need to get into that other race... Cant hurt to have a 135 mile beast on the resume. 

Duh, The Buckle!

Your friends will piss themselves when they see these buckles! 

Because You Can.

YOU. FUCKING. CAN. Did ya hear that? 

May 18th -20th, 2018

From Walden to Leadville

Limited to 40 Runners 

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