Race Information


This is a 135 Mile road race along the Continental Divide. Runners begin just north of Walden, CO and will run thru picturesque open ranges and rolling mountain passes. The race passes thru the towns of Kremmling, Silverthorne, Frisco, and Copper Mountain before ending at the top of Fremont Pass near Leadville, CO. The average elevation is just over 8,000 feet and features rolling to flat terrain with a significant climb to the finish. 

Race Schedule

Thursday Nov 24th, 2017 (BLACK FRIDAY) 

Registration Opens for 1 Day

January 1st, 2018  

Registration opens again until any remaining spots are taken (Event capped at 40 Runners)

Thursday May 17th, 2018: 

4:00pm Pre-Race Meeting (Location TBA) 

Friday May 18th, 2018: 

6:00am Race Start 

Sunday May 20th 2018: 

6:00am Race Ends



January 1st until March 31st $399


48 hours for finishers buckle 

Sub 36 hours for big "Colorado Flag" buckle 

Important Information

All runners must have a dedicated crew to get them to the finish- volunteers are only there for safety and moral support. 

There will be three major check points at Muddy Pass, Kremmling, and Copper Mountain, but race officials will be on course all day and night.

 Comprehensive course description, rules, race guide and map will be sent out prior to race. 

There are NO requirements to entry. If you are willing to run, we will give you a spot.


Why did the race stop after 2015?

Too much shit going on. 

What's the weather like for Colorado in May?

Seriously? You're fucked. The bad news is you could see it all- temps in the 80's, sunshine, rain or snow. The good news is you wont get a lot of any of those. 

Do I need a pacer?

We highly recommend that you consider the thought of thinking about asking a friend to mull over pacing you, or not. 

Why are you bringing the race back?

I love this race with all my heart, and that's the true-true.  And because so many people jumped my shit about cancelling it, now they have to shut up and put up. 

How many runners will there be?

1 or 40 there will be a race. I do expect to sellout for the return of TD135 and I have ordered buckles accordingly. 

Will I have fun?

No. Well... yes. I mean, shit. What the hell kind of question is that? I can promise you this; you will learn something about yourself that you don't know. And I will personally be out there 100% committed to getting you all the way home.